Getting Started with iTunesU

This podcast is about what a university needs to consider and implement when setting up presence on iTunesU for the first time. Issues discussed will touch on the management that goes into such an operation such as:

  • Entering into an iTunesU Service Agreement
  • Technical Support
  • Content Creation
  • Quality Control
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Intellectual Property
  • Copyright & Ownership
  • Logistics
  • Resources
  • 150 audio and video files ready to go on day one

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Audio file: Getting started with iTunesU



Looking at GarageBand software that comes with Mac OX to create a podcast.

After spending sometime downloading Audacity and LAME, I discovered that I had GarageBand all the while which does the same thing and a bit more. In fact I’m able to use images and music from my iTunes and iPhoto libraries to include in the podcasts.

The cover image shown here is one I made that will appear with the podcast if viewed in iTunes.