Do we really love our teachers? Online education and the future of college

Office Hours: gender and feminism in everyday life

Mitt Romney: “And that — and that’s why it’s so critical that we make America once again the most attractive place in the world to start businesses, to build jobs, to grow the economy. And that’s not going to happen by — by just hiring teachers. Look, I — I love to — I love teachers…”

Bob Schieffer: “I think we all love teachers.”


Richard Stengel: “The term iron triangle is not from geometry class but from experts describing the three big, interrelated problems facing America’s colleges and universities: access, cost and quality… Higher education has been the great engine of American prosperity, innovation and social mobility, and we weaken it at our own peril. We must find a way to do better.”


In this week’s Time magazine cover story, “College is Dead. Long Live College!,” Amanda Ripley explores the role of MOOCs (massive open online…

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