What technology are students using?

Interesting discussions are happening everywhere around how students are using technologies. It seems students no longer refer to the notion of ‘The Librarian’ but the ‘Lady in the Library’ as the video below shows. Wikipedia is again harangued by academics and students admit to using it despite not being allowed – as it is still considered by many academics to be an unacceptable source of reference.

Also in this JISC funded study – Visitors and Residents: What Motivates Engagement with the Digital Information Environment? Facebook is also mentioned and interestingly, the discussion talks about projects that are set up in FB by tutors and students not engaging as they see it as a personal territory that not even their parents should enter, let alone tutors. They see FB as their social space where they can organise their work, chat to fellow students who are online about specific project work. So for all those academics who set up FB learning spaces – watchout for a cool reception, it looks as if you’ll not be too welcome.

The level of residency in FB is another factor, whereby students like to discuss the nature of the assignment rather than do the assignment – and the night before hand-in is a popular time for them to do this.

Email was another preferred communication tool that students liked to use as they felt it provided better administration as apposed to  other forms of communication. LinkedIn was felt to be a major social and professional network that students identified with in terms ‘being out there’.

Below is another snippet of facts in terms of how students are learning using technology.


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