Response to Wesch’s vision of students today

As the world changes alongside technology, the role of the teacher has to change with it. Students’ attitudes are also changing towards their education with many appearing to take a casual approach. There are many more diversions to distract their attention. Technology has brought some good things to education but there’s another disruptive side, which also has to be taken into consideration.

Textbooks are a dying breed with internet replacing them. This shift leaves us with a dependence on technology that is constantly updating itself in terms of hardware. How many computers, laptops, mobile phones, ipads etc do we use over a 2 year period, and how is this sustainable in the long term? How indeed is education sustainable with this constant change in technology. Who is leading what? I don’t have an answer here but “There is no technological panacea; there are only technological solutions to some educational problems (Simpson, 1985, p. 91) seems to make the most sense to date.


1 thought on “Response to Wesch’s vision of students today

  1. I enjoyed your approach very much and I find that we have very similar professional/pedagogic orientations.Iam starting shortly my PhD in heritage langauge and culture, elearning and media knowlegde.

    Glad to have found this blog!



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