Drivers in educational reform

I believe technology is a cause to reform, it’s something education has little power over and if we choose to ignore it, we will be in denial of the real world. universities have a duty to prepare students for employment, so if technology is a leading factor within the domain of employment, it has little choice in the matter. Aside, from this, they have to find the right balance and discerns when technology is appropriate and enhances the student learning.

In terms of manufacturing influences on university decisions, if the technology streamlines the work-flow and promises a ROI universities are interested, likewise if mobile technologies prove to be popular with students, more universities will build bespoke apps that are subject specific to entice students in. The digital generation will expect learning engagement through mobile devises as well as F2F. The developers create products and in doing so create demand. Universities strive to meet demand and the wheels keep on turning.

It seems that tutors make very good use of the technologies for their own purposes outside of the classroom as much as the student does outside of the classroom (or inside if they are face-booking every 20 mins or so) therefore it’s not such a bad pattern if these technologies are actually being used. Interestingly, students seem to prefer their own spaces to chat about study (outside of the VLE).


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