VLEs in 2010

Having just written my H809 TMA entitled Expectations of VLEs in 2010 it’s a relief to have a life again albeit for a week or so until it’s back to the grindstone.

The subject is something so worth exploring as the area to develop our VLE is wide open to pour creative energies into. We do however have some way to go before being showcased in JISC’s Effective Practice in a Digital Age brochure.

A good section of the paper is a critique of the vast UCISA 2008 Survey of Technology Enhanced Learning for higher education in the UK by Browne, Hewitt, Jenkins and Walker. I would be so interested to know the average time people spend completing that survey, I reckon  3 days at least. If anyone says 2 hours, I would be seriously worried. But all this is mentioned in the paper which you can download below.

For what purpose are UK institutions using their VLEs?


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